The New Titleist AVX Golf Balls Have Arrived
©Titleist Golf

One of the world's most reputable companies in the golf-world, and I am talking about Titleist obviously, just revealed their new AVX golf balls. In case you're not familiar with the company's nomenclature, the new AVX golf balls are all about performance, being built and designed for golfers who are looking for an extremely soft feel and increased distance. The new high performance AVX golf balls from Titleist boast the company's latest technologies for delivering amazing soft feel and exceptional distance, or at least that's what the company claims. Moreover, the AVX golf balls feature Titleist's patented/proprietary stuff incorporated into their built, including a new core, cover and aerodynamic technologies. The AVX is currently the company's lowest spinning, lowest flying and softest feeling golf ball (did I forgot high performance?) to date, and one of its most interesting features is Titleist's patented GRN41 elastomer cover, a thermoset cast urethane material to quote from the company's tech-specs, which was specially engineered by Titleist's Research and Development team for the AVX.

To achieve the best possible golf ball, Titleist tested the AVX for more than a year, and they also conducted exhaustive test markets in California, Arizona and Florida, particularly among players who prioritize an extremely soft feel and distance. The key technologies incorporated into the AVX include a low compression-high speed core, which is the “engine” of the ball so to speak, the thing that gives it its exceptionally soft feel and increased distance, a new highly flexible casing layer, which improves speed and controls spin in order to deliver more distance, and finally, the proprietary urethane cover I already told you about (the GRN41 thermoset cast) which delivers premium soft feel and improved durability. What's great about the Titleist AVX is that it's made in the USA at the company's Ball Plant 3, a state of the art facility which manufactures golf gear to the highest quality and performance standards in the industry. Finally, the Titleist AVX is available in both high-optic yellow and the classic white.