The best electric golf trolleys for the new season

    When it comes to playing a round of golf, you no longer have to carry your bag on your back or push a trolley along with your clubs on top of it. While some people can overcome this problem by hiring a golf buggy, this is simply not the case for the majority of golfers who play the game today, for a variety of reasons. Nowadays, you can use an electric trolley to do all the pushing for you, while you still get the opportunity to enjoy the exercise and fresh air that comes with walking around a golf course. This leads to you having more enjoyable rounds as you will not be too worn out from pushing your bag around to play well.

    Over the years, they have helped lower the amount of hip and knee injuries that golfers traditionally suffer, as well as giving many older folks an opportunity to still play the game they love without having to sacrifice their health. Modern designs mean that these trolleys are no longer thick and clunky or hard to store. Modern versions are sleek and pack up nicely so you can easily transport them around in your car as needed. There is now a substantial range of trollies on the market; here are some of the bets options around for you to choose from.

    The Stewart Golf X9 Follow trolley is an expensive option but it is perhaps the best quality trolley on the market today. It has a unique Bluetooth technology which means that the trolley will follow you around the golf course, like a dog. When you walk it goes, when you turn, it runs and so on, so forth. This means that you no longer have to use a remote control to navigate it, although you do have this option if you prefer to do so. You may have a lot of water on your course and don’t want to run the risk of your trolley going for a wander on its own into the nearest lake. The four wheels provides superb grip when getting around the course, no matter how hilly or undulating the course may be.

    The GoKart Automatic trolley is another unique type of electric trolley as it has no dials or buttons that you can use in order to adjust the speed of the trolley. All you do to operate it is hold the handle and walk; the trolley will automatically adjust its speed depending on how fast you are moving. There is no digital component to it but it has a protective scorecard cover for the wet and windy days. You also have a very accessible ball and tee compartment which means that you no longer have to be searching through all of your pockets for a ball or tee.

    The Motocaddy S1 Pro trolley is the leading electric trolley in the popular Motocaddy range. It is the most straightforward to use and will do an effective job of getting your clubs around the course in the easiest manner. It has a unique mechanism that allows you to instantly collapse or erect the trolley, so you no longer have to fiddle around with locking mechanisms whenever you are at the golf course. The trolley even has a USB port where you can charge your devices as you play. You can even dial in how far you want the trolley to travel down the fairway.

    The PowaKaddy FW3 has brought the company’s trolley line on in leaps in bounds. This is one of their bets entry level options that have a quiet and efficient motor that works seamlessly. The battery systems a simple plug in and use, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery after a certain period of time, you can simply charge it before you play a round. If you are looking for a simple electric trolley that does a no nonsense job, this is the electric trolley for you.