Take the guesswork out of distance to the flag

    The Leupold GX-3i was such a good product that I never expected that it could be improved upon. At least not this fast, anyways. The GX-3i2 has done just that, however. Leupold is such a trusted manufacturer that it is the rangefinder of choice for the US military, whether they are on the golf course or not. It still has brilliant optics, sturdy Aerospace Grade aluminum construction and ease of use. The mode button has four functions; turning the fog mode on and off, changing between metric and imperial, changing the reticle and toggling the Prism Lock beep.

    The most exciting new feature is the Pinhunter 2 technology. Simply put, it is easy to lock onto the flag even with the shakiest of hands. The GX 3i2 is also markedly faster than the GX-3i. It’s like one of those obnoxious people who finish your sentence for you. The reading is there seemingly before you have even locked on the pin. This years’ display is OLED which means that the reticle and yardage is shown in red as opposed to gray. This is of particular benefit early in the morning or at twilight. The unit is quite rugged and will stand up to whatever abuse thrust upon it.

    This is all insignificant of course if the rangefinder is not accurate. You want accuracy? The GX-3i2 gives you distance to the tenth of a yard! There are few things, or people for that matter, that you can trust on the golf course, but the Gx-3i2 is not one of them. Get your yardage, choose your club and make your swing.