Some Senior Golf Ball Model Options
©Callaway, ©Titleist, ©Srixon Golf

In this article, we are going to highlight a few golf balls models that you may want to consider as a senior player. Of course, if you have read the content up to this point, you already know that you’ll need to consider your own personal needs first and foremost when picking out a ball. Some of these models may be a good fit for your game – and some of them may not work at all. In the end, you’ll have to take all of the various factors into consideration before settling on the ball that is going to find a home in your bag.

  • Callaway Supersoft. It’s right there in the name – Supersoft. This is a low compression ball, and it is likely one of the softest balls on the market. Some players will love the soft feel of this ball, while others may prefer a firmer model. This ball claims to offer low spin to go along with its soft feel, which could help the average senior player pick up some yardage with the driver.
  • Titleist DT TruSoft. If you are partial to Titleist golf balls, you’ll want to take a look at the TruSoft. This is the softest compression ball offered by Titleist, and it may provide players with soft feel around the greens as well in the full swing. The Titleist name is synonymous with golf balls, so you will know you are going with a strong brand when you head in this direction.
  • Srixon Soft Feel. Another ball that indicates what it is all about right there in the name of the product. The Srixon Soft Feel has a compression rating of 60, offering a soft feel with plenty of distance available. This model also uses a cover design which is meant to help you spin the ball on short shots around the greens.

Of course, there are many more golf balls available for seniors (and other players with similar needs) than just the three listed above. Whether you decide to try one of these models or others you find at your local pro shop, the key is to keep an open mind. Don’t close off your mind to any possibilities until you’ve done your research and tested some of the models that seem to be a good match for your abilities on the course.

Finding the right golf ball for your game is one of the most important steps you can take as a player. Regardless of your age, using the proper golf ball is going to help you live up to your potential on the course. As a senior, you’ll want to make sure you have the right ball in your bag, as you don’t need to fight against the wrong ball while trying to maintain your distance and shoot low scores. We hope the information in this article will help you find the perfect ball for your game – good luck!