Selecting a 14 Club Hybrid Iron Set

For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume that you have decided to go ahead with the idea of using a hybrid iron set. If that is the case, you are going to need to work on a plan for filling all 14 spots in your bag. It’s not necessarily as simple as picking out a hybrid iron set and moving on – you need to make sure that set works together properly with the rest of the clubs that you are going to carry.

In this section, we are going to walk through a step-by-step process that you can use to fill out your set. The final construction of the set is up to you, of course, so be sure to think about your own unique needs and preferences as you go. For example, if the course you play most frequently is on the short side and has plenty of slope around the greens, you might want to have an extra wedge as compared to someone who plays a long, flat course.

Without further delay, let’s walk through the process you can use to build your new set of clubs.

  • Two clubs to start. It’s hard to imagine a set of golf clubs without a driver and a putter, so you can check off two of the fourteen spots in your bag right away. You may already have the driver and putter you wish to continue using, or you may decide to shop for new clubs in these categories, as well. Since these are two of the most-frequently used clubs in the game, it is important to find models that you can trust.
  • At least a sand wedge. We will talk about the wedges again later on, but you are going to at least need a sand wedge of some kind in your bag. Most likely this club will have 54 – 56 degrees of loft, but you can pick the exact loft that suits your personal preferences. Once you’ve selected a sand wedge, we will be down to 11 available spots in your bag.
  • A trusty three wood. The three wood is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated clubs in golf. It is effective off the tee, from the fairway, and can even be used for bump and run shots from around the green on occasion. While it isn’t required to carry a three wood when you play golf, we highly recommend that you find one you can trust. Over time, don’t be surprised if the three wood becomes one of your favorite clubs of all.
  • Add in the iron set. At this point, you are going to account for the hybrid iron set that you plan to purchase. It’s likely that the set will include eight clubs, but that certainly isn’t set in stone. Some sets have more, some have less. For the sake of this article, let’s imagine that you are buying a set which includes eight hybrid irons. We already had four clubs in your set (driver, three wood, sand wedge, putter), and we are now adding eight more. That means there are just two spots left to fill.
  • Pick your last two. Finally, you are ready to pick out two more clubs and complete your set. At this point, you will really need to think about your own personal needs to make sure you have the right clubs on hand for the job you have to do on the course. Most likely, you will want one more long club and one more short club. That means something like a five wood or another hybrid to bridge the gap between your three wood and your longest hybrid iron. Also, you will probably want a wedge with more loft than your sand wedge, for those tricky shots around the greens. That is the way that most golfers will fill out their bag when shopping for these last two openings, but you aren’t bound to that plan. It may be that you don’t feel another long club is necessary, and you can go ahead and pick out an extra wedge to give yourself as many short game options as possible.

Picking the right equipment is not going to make this game easy, but it can help position you for the best possible chance at success. Without the right clubs in your bag, you’ll be making the challenge you face on the course even steeper, and obviously that is not something you want to do. We hope the process listed above will help you construct a set that works nicely for many rounds ahead.