Say Hello to the Newest Motocaddy App

We all know that technology is slowly creeping inside every aspect of our lives, but sometimes this is not a bad thing, and here the latest Motocaddy app comes into play. And speaking of life-saving technologies, the Motocaddy app is literally a lifesaver, but we'll get back to that in a second. To begin with, it's well known among golf aficionados that when it comes to free to use GPS apps, Motocaddy plays in a league of its own.

However, the company's R&D team seems to be working overtime, as they've recently upgraded their GPS app, which is now available with brand new features that can potentially save one's life on the golf course, and we're not kidding either. In case of an emergency, provided you have your smartphone with you with the Motocaddy app installed and ready to go, you'll be able to receive instantly on your device CPR instructions, provided someone's having a cardiac arrest on the golf course, and you'll also be able to spot available defibrillators (on the respective golf course), which is as good as it gets.

Say Hello to the Newest Motocaddy App

As we're writing this piece, more than 700 golf clubs are participating in Motocaddy's' program, i.e. they've registered the on-course location of defibrillators; the vital intel can now be accessed by players in a matter of seconds once the Motocaddy app is loaded on their smartphones. It's worth mentioning that the Motocaddy app is pretty popular all around the world, boasting over 85, 000 downloads so far, and we can expect for the respective number to grow fast. The Play Golf mode of the Motocaddy app also contains a comprehensive 6-step guide on how to perform CPR. The guide is easy to access from the main menu and even in the Play Golf mode.

If a defibrillator is needed and the app determines it to be available in the close vicinity of the user, a logo will flash on the smartphone's display, together with emergency numbers and intel on how to access the device. Motocaddy Director Tony Webb commented has been quoted as saying:

Say Hello to the Newest Motocaddy App

We are proud to introduce the first-ever golf app to include lifesaving features. We've invested significant sums in this upgrade and are delighted to have the support of so many golf clubs, plus Heart Research UK, who see physical activities including golf as having such important benefits for health.

The Motocaddy app can also be paired to a Bluetooth enabled trolley, so you can receive notifications from your smartphone by remote. The Bluetooth feature comes handy not only in emergencies but even during one's favorite game, as it allows you to use the trolley's screen as a full-size GPS device, i.e. you'll be able to see shot measurements as well as yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. The app comes with new score tracking options, as well as real-time stats, which permit you post-game analysis and all that. Speaking of stats, you'll be delivered with various numbers, such as fairways hit and greens, the number of putts, tee selection and stroke index for every hole, etc. Here's Motocaddy Director Tony Webb again:

The updated app offers golfers a modern look and is even more easy-to-use and quick to pair with a compatible Motocaddy trolley than ever before. The app is a real game-changer and we are proud to not only push the boundaries when it comes to the wide range of features on offer but potentially save lives too.

Finally, you should learn that Motocaddy's free app also provides you with comprehensive golf-centric features, such as distance measurement of any shot, automatic hole search and advancement, detailed greenside info and even a round timer. What are you waiting for? Just go download the app, install it on your smartphone, turn the device location feature on and thank us later!