REKS Launches New Unbreakable Frames for Eyeglasses

Until recently, unbreakable frames for eyeglasses were specifically made for athletes, but the good news for our readers is that REKS, a performance eyewear brand, announced their new unbreakable frames for regular eyeglasses. Basically, if you love golf (as well as other sports) and you’re afraid of destroying your expensive eyeglasses while playing (or running or whatever), rest assured as now you have a bullet-proof option. Here’s the CEO of Reks George Granoff:

“Our manufacturing team spent over a year developing a new unbreakable material that’s ideal for eyeglasses. These lightweight, comfortable frames are perfect for the consumer seeking stylish eyewear coupled with our industry leading lens technology.”

The new cutting-edge frames from Reks complement the company’s current line of unbreakable sunglasses. Reks also offers polycarbonate prescription eyeglasses, which are as tough as nails and virtually impossible to destroy, with prices starting at $95. The prescription eyeglasses are ideal for golfers, as they come with anti-reflective and anti-scratching coatings. Grannof added:

REKS Launches New Unbreakable Frames for Eyeglasses

“Consumers have long paid artificially high prices for eyewear. Our high-quality eyewear brings together innovative frame construction and superior lens manufacturing to offer best-in-class optics at direct to consumer prices. Our REKS® prescription eyewear offers customers a superior visual experience delivered in lightweight, comfortable, unbreakable frames.”

Reks has two offers for golfers wearing eyeglasses: regular polycarbonate lenses, which are quite affordable and very durable. But, if you want the best for the best, you can choose cutting edge Trivex lenses, which are basically premium quality impact resistant lenses, and they’re manufactured by PPG Industries. These lenses are even stronger than polycarbonate varieties and offer better clarity, which comes very close to regular glass-made lenses. Grannof explained:

“A high definition Trivex prescription lens is what many eye care professionals consider to be the best combination of safety, comfort, appearance and optical performance. REKS continues to be a disruptor in the eyewear industry with its latest innovation targeted at the prescription wearing consumer demanding quality, performance, comfort, durability and style.”

REKS Launches New Unbreakable Frames for Eyeglasses

If you’re just looking for a pair of cool sunglasses to wear on the golf course, the company offers Trivex Color Boosting™ Sun lenses, which are available in prescription/nonprescription, and they work by increasing the contrast between colors, thus delivering an amazing (as in brighter) visual experience. There are 4 color boosting options, and each of them comes with its specific characteristics (read performance enhancing stuff): Polarized, Golf, Photochromic and Every day. And if you’re wondering about the price tag, Reks offers Trivex sun lenses featuring color boosting technology at a very low price compared to its competitors: $75.

If you want to go for the extra mile, Reks’ portfolio includes high end Transitions® intelligent lenses, which are clear while indoors, yet as soon as you get outside in the sunshine, they turn into a colored mirrored/bright color lens. These babies are also available in the industry-standard polycarbonate or Trivex. All lenses made by Reks are described as High Definition due to the technology involved in the manufacturing process, i.e. the company uses digital generators and freeform technology for digital pinpoint manufacturing, a cutting edge technology that allows for cutting lenses to 1/100 of a diopter, compared to the traditional 1/10 accuracy.