PXG Gen2 Irons Enter the Golf Arena
©PXG Golf

PXG is a relatively new player in the industry, the new kid on the block so to speak, as it’s been only three years since they’ve entered the golf arena. Moreover, their first piece of golf-gear was the 0311 iron, a hollow body design that was incredibly good for the time (and still is). Since the 0311, PXG’s research and development team wondered what can be done to improve an already, how should I put it, perfect iron (ok, I’ve said it). Now, it took them three years to sort it out, and it looks like the new PXG Gen2 irons are the answer. These irons are (at least according to Ping’s engineers) the new and improved version of the 0311, created to cover all angles and all comers. It’s worth mentioning that since its inception, Ping strived to disrupt the industry norms, making for an elite/luxury/performance golf equipment company, selling their products at almost obscene prices, and having a bold and unorthodox approach to both product development and distribution. At the time the original 0311 irons were introduced back in 2015, Ping had only 12 employees. Now, the company has a global footprint and more than 170 employees, yet its goal remained the same: to become the world’s best golf equipment company, prices be damned.

The new Gen2 irons have pretty big shoes to fill, and that’s because Ping’s only measure for success is better performance. Since Ping sacrifices nothing when it comes to research and development, we should expect the Gen2 irons to be all that Ping claims, i.e. to deliver better than the previous generation in terms of distance, turf interaction, ball speeds, accuracy and higher launch, due to innovations in technology, materials and customization. Basically, Ping’s task was to create an iron better than the best, and considering that the company’s founder and CEO claims that PXG will never launch a new club that’s not significantly better than what it currently offers, the Gen2 irons should be absolutely fantastic, setting the standard in the industry, or at least that’s what Bob Parsons claims. The PXG Gen2 are built using forged 8620 soft carbon steel, in order to enhance both durability and aesthetics, and they boast a buttery soft feel and a sleek blade design, being engineered for amazing feel and consistency. Each club in the Gen2 irons comes with the company’s patented COR2 technology and a redesigned face perimeter design, for improved accuracy, higher ball speeds, consistency and great feel at impact. On top of that, the new irons from PXG boast the thinnest club face in the industry and the company’s signature weighting technology, everything being aimed at maximizing performance and improving forgiveness. The new PXG 0311 Gen2 irons are designed to please golfer at all skill levels and they’re available in 4 collections: T (Tour), P (Players), XF (Extreme Forgiveness) and SGI (Super Game Improvement).