Odyssey Adds Two Models Toulon Design Family Putters

If you're into premium classic-mild putters, you are probably aware of Odyssey's Toulon Design line-up, but the good news for today is that the company just added 2 new models for 2020. Both models are continuing Odyssey's tradition of premium craftsmanship and classic milled designs, combining old-school looks with modern technology in the face and shaft, new head shapes, adjustable weighting, and deep diamond milling.

Enter the Chicago and Seattle putters, with the former being an oversized blade model, while the latter featuring a larger mallet design. Odyssey’s 2020 Toulon family features a brand new diamond mill pattern across the face of each flat stick, as well as deep crosshatch grooves spread across the entire face. This particular design is aimed at improving and/or controlling both feel and sound via channeling vibration. The diamond pattern also harbors smaller grooves, which are also meant to improve roll-quality, or so we’re told. The new putter collection from Odyssey features the company’s Stroke Lab shaft, i.e. an ultra-light variety that manages to save forty grams of weight. The saved weight is redistributed to the grip end of the putter and to the head, in an effort to rebalance the putters for improved consistency and tempo during the stroke. Each new putter from the new-series Toulon Design comes stock with a twenty-gram weight, plus seven and forty-gram options available for golfers looking for a heavier/lighter head. The entire collection is boasting a classic charcoal smoke finish and it will be available in retail shops all across the United States starting from February 27th, with prices starting from $449.99 per putter (MSRP).