Latest Z-Forged Blade Makes Srixon Iron Lineup Complete

Srixon is a company which excels in creating outstanding forged blade irons, and their new Z-Forged blade completes the company’s iron lineup in a big way. The 2019 butter knife offering has been updated with the launching of the Z-Forged irons, which complete the full line-up, in the aftermath of the release of the 585 and 785 irons back in 2018.

The new Z-Forged blade boasts a sexy muscle back design and it’s aimed at appealing to better golfers, a thing that becomes obvious the second you lay your eyes (and hands) on it; also, the blade is crafted to deliver both an amazing look at address and fantastic feel, in good Srixon tradition, not to mention the fact that this baby comes loaded with the company’s latest and greatest technologies despite its relatively small head, for delivering an unforgettable experience on the battlefield. Basically, the new Z-Forged blade is an interesting blend of impressive aesthetics and high performance, being designed to make even the very best golfers happy. One of the most striking design features of the Z-Forged irons is arguably their double curve design, which is due to 2 sharp lines stemming from the heel/toe at the back, which also play a big role in regard to maximizing workability.

Latest Z-Forged Blade Makes Srixon Iron Lineup Complete

As engineers used to say back in the day, form follows function, and in this case, Srixon really hit the “beauty” nail on its head, which is nothing short of outstanding. Also, the Z-Forged irons boast a forged construction, which confers them that amazing soft feel golf-pros know and love in high end gear; some even equate soft feel with better overall performance, and that’s a nice thing to have in your irons, don’t you think? According to the , Engineering Manager at Srixon

Dustin Brekke, but let’s quote the man himself:

The new Z-Forged irons are the most compact, most workable irons in our line. They were created to give professionals and advanced amateur golfers confidence to hit every shot, while featuring a sole that glides through the turf for better contact and stable spin under any condition.

Latest Z-Forged Blade Makes Srixon Iron Lineup Complete

And here’s Srixon’s Product Manager Zack Oakley:

When we make a pure blade, we try to combine looks with advanced technologyYou start by designing them on a computer, then you create the prototype, and then the artisan meticulously hand-shapes them and works with the Tour team to get the shape just right. Then you rescan them into the computer to capture that hand shape. They’ll do this several times until it’s perfected. In previous Srixon models you see a lot of sharp edges that are sort of more triangular. You still see that in the 5’s and 7’s, but with the Z-Forged it’s more of a wave style. The designer that came up with this look was thinking about the ocean, and since we’re here on Huntington Beach and Japan is an island, it’s sort of a cross between the two.

In order to achieve versatility and more consistent ball striking for every shot, the Z-Forged irons are designed with a new Tour V.T. sole; on top of that, Srixon’s signature V-shape has also been redesigned, and it’s now steeper compared to previous models, a feature that provides improved turf interaction for better players. Speaking of high quality golf-gear, each of Srixon’s new Z-Forged irons is crafted from a single billet of 1020 carbon steel, a soft variety respectively. This particular choice of materials is aimed at delivering an unrivaled soft feel, as well as a premium/sleek appearance which is to be expected from high end Srixon products.

Latest Z-Forged Blade Makes Srixon Iron Lineup Complete

Bottom line, if you’re shopping for a nice set of blades which are both sexy and sleek(some describe these babies as Golf Porn, because of their awesome looks where art meets function), but make no compromise in terms of performance and cutting edge technology, the new Z-Forged irons should rank high on your list.

And speaking of shopping, each of Srixon’s Z-Forged blades retails for $142.85 MSRP per club, which means a 3-PW/8 club set will cost you a little bit over a grand, i.e. $1,142,80, while a seven club set will run you $999.99 (seriously). The blades arrive with Golf Pride Tour Velvet stock grips and Nippon Modus 3 120 stock shafts, but there are over forty different shafts/grips available at no extra cost for custom builds, so have no worries, Srixon got you covered.