Honma Tour World TW 727 Premium Driver
    Honma Tour World TW 727 Premium Driver

    Known for the latest robotics technology and consumer electronics gadgetry, Japan is a country with over 6 million golfers. And the demanding consumers of Japan must have somehow found a way to save a few strokes with technologically advanced golf clubs. High-end manufacturer Honma is one of the mainstay brands in Asia with 21 tour wins last year and over a twenty touring pros playing their equipment.

    The brothers Honma started producing clubs in 1963 and each club is still made in Sakata, Japan by experienced craftsmen. The Honma team in Japan uses rigorous quality checks for their premium product. Polish on the head is measured to 1/100th of a millimeter, the polished head is ultrasound tested, hand coated, checked for lie, loft and face direction by a master craftsman and balance checked.

    The Tour World TW 727 460cc driver is a game improvement club designed with features to promote ease of use. Given the busy schedule of Japanese businessmen, time for practicing golf can be scarce. The TW 727 easily delivers a high trajectory for optimal distance with a very forgiving forged face. The larger sweet spot on the face is due to the Honma W-Forged process which is the industry’s first high-density forging method. The method increases strength by 15% and enables 2g of weight to be removed. The thinner and lighter face combined with the variable thickness design means the target area on the clubface is larger.

    Over 30 shaft combinations are available for the TW 727. Armrq8 shafts (62, 54) are made in-house with the same exacting standards as the club heads. The Vizard shafts from Toray Industries (YA, YC, YZ) are another in demand option for the TW 727.

    Honma’s popularity in Asia unfortunately also attracts unwanted attention from counterfeit club makers. Purchase only from authorized dealers and make sure the club has the holographic seal.