• You're likely one of the many golfers who prefer to sweep the ball off the turf, rather than come down and take a divot. For those golfers, swapping out their long irons for the better performing Hybrids has been a major boost to their score card and enjoyment of the game. 
  • That same notable advantage is now available to replace your high-lofted irons and wedges. (In fact, using a Hybrid out of the sand is much easier than a normal Sand Wedge.)
  • So it's no surprise to see so many golfers rushing to grab up the custom 
High-Lofted Hybrids from Thomas Golf.  
Hybrids offer so many advantages over irons and wedges, you're going to see more and more golfers transitioning their entire golf bag. Our top choice when it comes to Hybrids is the AT705 model by THOMAS (a boutique brand of high performing clubs that feature a unique aiming indicator to produce exceptionally accurate shots).
  • If you like playing Hybrids, you should definitely extend your Hybrids to any lofts you don't have yet. Ensure you have a Hybrid for every 10-15 yards.


Who should use Hybrids?

– If you feel more confident hitting higher lofted fairway woods than irons.
– If you seldom use your # 3, # 4, or even # 5 iron.
– If you can get more distance from a 9-wood than a 5-iron.
– If you seldom take a divot when hitting your middle irons.
– If you have ever considered carrying woods like a # 11 or # 13.