Here Comes the Smart Golf Ball aka the Genius Ball from OnCore Golf and CHIP’d

We live in a day and age when everything is digital, smart, AI, internet of things and all that. And our technological prowess is not limited to communications, as the recent strategic partnership between OnCore Golf and CHIP’d is showing beyond reasonable doubt. If I am sounding cryptic, let me elaborate: in order to accelerate the development and commercialization of the smart golf ball, OnCore Golf and CHIP’d just forged what can be described as a strategic partnership, i.e. with these two tech-powers combined, the smart golf ball is just around the corner.

Yes, you got that right: these two companies are “colluding” shamelessly for providing us with a smart golf ball. Here’s the story: OnCore golf is a highly advanced and innovative golf ball manufacturer, while CHIP’d, as the name suggests, is a wizard tech company specialized in the IoT, also known as the internet of things. CHIP’d are currently focusing their efforts in a very interesting direction: to bring smart golf-ball tech to the common golfer, or to the unwashed masses or whatever. Joke aside, CHIP’d and OnCore golf partnered, with the end-game being the creation of an affordable smart ball, which can be sold to the sporting goods industry, i.e. they’re trying to create a cheap and interesting state of the art golf ball, provided there’s demand for such a monstrosity.

Here Comes the Smart Golf Ball aka the Genius Ball from OnCore Golf and CHIP’d

We are only kidding, but you know that saying, “back in my day, we used to play golf with sticks and stones, now you younglings require laser range finders and smart golf balls…rapture is imminent”. So, what’s up with the “smart golf ball” you asked? Every advanced technology is very close to magic, and the same story goes for the smart golf ball, whose so-called brains are developed by CHIP’d, obviously; the “engine” of the golf ball consists of Bluetooth, GPS, antenna and an internal battery to juice them up. Basically, the smart golf ball dubbed GENiUS Ball will be able to connect to your smartphone or whatever device via a mobile app, then to provide you with instant data and all that jazz, things like GPS location (say goodbye to lost golf balls) and ball flight data (total distance, carry, initial ball speed, backspin and who knows what else); obviously, since the GENiUS Ball will be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you’ll be able to read all this data in real time on your device.

On top of that, all of the data is going to be stored in the cloud, and you’ll be able to check it out later, for a post round game analysis and review. You know, like the big boys in the PGA Tour are doing it. We know, it sounds complicated, but what the heck, it’s the current year. We hold this truth to be self-evident, that top notch golfers require top notch golf-balls (and gear in general), but rest assured, as the Genius Ball has it all covered. And by that, we are talking about OnCore, which is a reputable company, being well known for creating high performance golf-balls, which feature the company’s patented technologies and proprietary design.

Here Comes the Smart Golf Ball aka the Genius Ball from OnCore Golf and CHIP’d

Also, all golf balls made by OnCore are USGA approved and they bring stellar performance characteristics to golfers of all skill levels. On the other hand, Chip’d boasts literally decades of experience in the realm of internet of things and the smartphone industry, as their team of experts is currently developing all sorts of products IT-related, not to mention the company’s extensive experience in golf analytics and cloud based software. So yeah, this collaboration between OnCore and Chip’d is a match made in heaven for golf aficionados looking to improve their game using the latest gimmick. Speaking of gimmicks and genius golf-balls, OnCore Chairman and CEO Keith Blakely has said:

“By bringing together the skills and expertise of the two organizations, we expect to achieve a result that neither could reach alone”

Chris Beck, former Srixon Brand Manager and current CHIP’d Advisor added that they are expecting to hit the market with big-brained golf balls whose performance will be basically on par with some of the best available on the market today:

“I’ve always believed a smart golf ball was inevitable and would be a game changer in the golf industry. With obvious benefits for the golfer in play and practice, this technology can also change the way PGA professionals teach, how superintendents manage golf courses, and how OEM’s fit and sell equipment. The rich data collected from smart golf balls will benefit the entire golf industry”.