Here Comes the New “V1 Game” GPS App from V1 Sports

In case you’re not familiarized with V1 Sports, well, you must learn that the company is specialized in video swing analysis software, which is specially designed for teaching professionals and golfers; the good news for today is that V1 Sports just launched their latest product, the V1 Game app. V1 Game is a mobile application for smartphones that helps golfers to improve their game without requiring external hardware, not a “flesh and blood” training professional or a caddie.

Basically, the V1 Game mobile app can be installed on an Apple watch or a smartphone and it will become your personal shot tracker and caddie, two for the price of one. The app uses your mobile device's GPS sensor to deliver accurate distances to hazards, greens and landing zones, so you'll be able to navigate the golf course like a Tour pro due to the app's intuitive and dynamic user interface.

As soon as you finish a round, the V1 Game app will show you game stats via its intuitive performance analysis technology, in order to help you understand both your weaknesses and strengths, as well as paths to improving your game. Here’s the CEO of V1 Sports Bryan Finnerty:

Here Comes the New “V1 Game” GPS App from V1 Sports

“The launch of V1 Game advances V1 Sports' mission to empower golfers and instructors to use the best tools for game improvement. V1 Game gives users the power of accurate GPS data combined with next-generation performance tracking and analysis. With this powerful mobile app, golfers can make better decisions on the course, practice more effectively, and shoot lower scores. With V1 Game, you're going to get deep into data that reveals who you are as a golfer. In vivid color and with real-time data analysis, you'll know your strengths and weaknesses on the course which will empower you to get with your teaching professional and make specific improvements. This is an incredible tool for golfers who truly want to play better and score lower.

The app comes preloaded with essential GPS data for tens of thousands of golf courses from all around the world, as it's engineered to be your AI companion tool round after round, and when put in Rangefinder mode, it will deliver instantly accurate distances to tees, greens, landing zones, and hazards. When in GPS mode, the app will present you with high-resolution aerial satellite views of the golf course, as well as cutting edge functionality. The app's Intuitive Shot Tracking feature allows you to track your putts, shots, shot distances, penalties, locations and even clubs used, so you can determine their usability and performance. Moreover, you'll get a post-round analysis which displays shot data on your mobile phone's display, so you can take a quick look at your strengths and weaknesses. The app's stats include shot patterns, strokes gained, scoring, club distances, FIR and GIR, putts per green, scrambling, estimated handicap and more.

Here Comes the New “V1 Game” GPS App from V1 Sports

The new golf GPS app is a joint venture of sorts, as it’s being developed by mobile app developers Pocket Par working together with V1 Sports. Here’s Pocket Par co-founder Dallas Webster:

It's exciting to work with V1 Sports and having the V1 Game app reach an audience that's dialed into game improvement. You don't have to be a data geek to get serious game improvement benefits from the V1 Game app. You'll know your miss tendencies and exactly where you're losing shots on the golf course so you can spend your practice eliminating the exact shots that are costing you strokes.”

Using the V1 Game app you'll be able to share your performance data and stat in real-time with your friends and golf instructors. However, if you want to benefit from the full package, including advanced statistical analysis, you'll have to get a subcription after your first (free) 3 rounds via in-app purchase. An auto-renewing subscription will cost you $6.99 per month or $59,99 per year. If you want a temporary thing, there's a 7-day access subscription available for $9.99.