Hangin’ out in Zero G

    Hangin’ out in Zero G

    The Cobra King Ltd is the first driver to cross the Zero CG (Center of Gravity) barrier. Remember the original Star Trek series, when William Shatner (Captain James Tiberius Kirk) uttered the famous words? “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” This is the day my friends. Mark it on your calendar.

    There is an imaginary line that goes from the center of the sweet spot to the lowest point on the back of the club called the “neutral axis line”. In the past, manufacturers have tried to get the CG (Center of Gravity) as close to this line as possible. Some have even claimed to have their CG right on that line. In reality, the closest anyone has come is just a fraction above this line. The way that CG is manipulated of course is in weight distribution. Cobra has used a carbon fiber called TeXtreme® which is a full 20% lighter than standard carbon fiber. The weight saved is then redistributed to areas that are farther back and lower in the club head. So low in fact that the CG is now below the neutral axis line.

    Another area that Cobra has redesigned is the club face itself. Cobra refers to it as “a Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 face.” The VFT (Variable Face Thickness) structure is thinner, lighter and hotter, stretching COR (Coefficient of Restitution) to its’ limits. COR limits were put in place with the advent of VFT titanium faces and remain at .830. In addition to the utilization of VFT, Cobra also has something called a “Speed Channel”. The Speed Channel is an engineered groove that surrounds the club face that aids in minimizing face thickness where it calls for it thus increasing ball speed. In layman’s terms, the Cobra King Ltd has a larger sweet spot and increased ball speed giving it more distance.

    The King Ltd also has a weight adjustment in the sole called, wait for it, a “Spaceport”. With this feature you can adjust the 16 grams into different positions on the sole. The main purpose of the Spaceport is in fine tuning the desirable swing weight required.

    The King Ltd comes in the following loft/trajectory settings: 9, 9.5, 9.5 Draw, 10.5, 10.5 Draw, 11.5, 11.5 Draw and 12 degrees. The MyFly hosel adjustment is what controls these settings. The club head size is 460cc. It comes in both RH and LH. The stock shaft is an Aldila Rogue Black 60. The swing weight is D4.

    What Cobra has done with the King Ltd is offer golfers a driver that maximizes distance while keeping the forgiveness demanded by amateurs. The wow factor that the King Ltd brings is immeasurable. Golfers may buy this club just on the technology alone. My recommendation is to take advantage of a custom fitting which most golf shops will offer at no charge. If you choose to put the Cobra King Ltd in your bag, you will relish your Zero CG experience.