Get Ready for the PXG 0311 ST irons

According to rumors and educated guesses, the PXG 0311 ST are going to become a reality very soon. And by rumors we mean Bob Parsons, who announced them via an Instagram post, not to mention the fact that the 0311 ST were seen in Ryan Moore’s bag a little while back, so it’s pretty sure they’re going to become available for the “unwashed masses” shortly.

Jokes aside, the details about the PXG 0311 ST irons are scarce to say the least, but here’s from Bob Parsons’ Instagram post:

“Please meet our new 0311 ST irons. The ST stands for Super Tour. We couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to make a pure tour blade. But instead of forging it, us being PXG, we took it up another big level. Our pure tour blades, like our wedges are 100% milled, The result is precision exemplified.Get Ready for the PXG 0311 ST irons To this add our proprietary weighting system and the result is something only PXG would make. For those of you who have the game, we will be accepting advanced orders in the next few weeks for fulfillment in 60 days. PXG. Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.”

Keep in mind that the Instagram post above is dated approximately 2 weeks ago, so you do the math and figure out on your own the expected launching date. ST stands for Super Tour by the way, and according to what we know so far, each of these high end drivers will be machined to perfection from a single block of steel, which incidentally is the exact same technology used by PXG in their wedges. What does it mean for us, peasants? Well, this is big news actually, and we’re talking about fully milled irons obviously. The last time we’ve seen these beauties was due to a set of ultra-rare irons, and we’re hinting at the peak tour issue, if you remember those days. And yes, we’re talking about the TaylorMade RAC Milled Protos, which are almost impossible to get nowadays, provided you’re not a billionaire or the son of an Arab sheik.

Get Ready for the PXG 0311 ST irons

The new PXGs are rumored to be released as “irons for the masses”, i.e. there’s not going to be a “limited edition” of sorts, nor limited availability, nothing of this kind. And yes, that would make for a first in regard to fully milled irons, which is kind of cool, especially if you’re a fan of the brand. Stay tuned, as we’ll cover this issue as soon as we get more information.