FootJoy Reveals FJ Fury Golf Shoes

The FJ Fury are the latest and greatest golf shoes from the legendary golf footwear manufacturer FootJoy. If you’re looking for high tech golf shoes with modern styling, the FJ Fury have your name on it. As the company puts, it:

“FJ Fury is engineered and designed to provide ultimate athletic performance. Designed from the inside-out, FJ Fury features the proprietary TruFit System, providing stability where you need it and comfort where you want it.”

It’s interesting to observe that the most worn shoe last season on the PGA Tour was FootJoy’s Pro/SL. Why? The answer is obvious: golf pros love spikeless golf-shoe designs, provided they are capable of delivering the same amount of traction (give or take) compared to regular spiked-designs,FootJoy Reveals FJ Fury Golf Shoes but with the obvious advantage of improved comfort which is specific to spikeless designs. Basically, the FJ Fury golf shoes are built on the success of the Pro/SL, because you know, if something works, don’t fix it, right?

Hence, FootJoy created a shoe which is pretty similar to last-year’s big-hit (it even looks kind of the same design-wise), yet the new FJ Fury brings improvements in every department via new technologies and all that jazz.

The FJ Fury 2019 is retailing for $190, and it boasts FootJoy’s patented Three Fit technology, which is basically a three-part system. To break it down, the first part consists of a cleverly designed inner sleeve, that attaches to the tongue as it comes up from the sides,FootJoy Reveals FJ Fury Golf Shoes and it wraps tightly around the foot, thus keeping the tongue in the optimal position, whilst keeping the foot secure. The second part consists of a dual layer footbed, which is engineered using a special foam with 2 densities, i.e. a very soft one on the bottom, for a soft feel and improved cushioning, and a memory foam on the footbed’s upper layer, which molds to the foot over the player’s initial rounds, for delivering supreme comfort.

Finally, there’s the FlexGrid MLC (the MLC acronym stands for medial and lateral control)system, which is added to the outside of the shoe for increasing lateral support by integrating the 5 bands on the inner/outer areas with the laces. As the laces are tightened, you’ll benefit from improved stability and lateral support, that’s the theory.

FootJoy Reveals FJ Fury Golf Shoes

The bottom of the sole in the FootJoy FJ Fury golf shoe uses a state of the art blue thermoplastic polyurethane (the amazing TPU), which makes for a rigid platform aimed at helping your foot to push against during the swing, while the softer grey thermoplastic polyurethane area molds into the turf, for delivering excellent forward traction when walking.

To make things interesting and classy, the FJ Fury is built with a premium full grain leather (waterproof) upper, which features a vented mesh portion right above the toes, for improved breathability, but rest assured: there’s also a waterproof membrane put there strategically, to keep your feet dry in any weather. Besides the $190 laced version, FootJoy offers a BOA FJ Fury model ($220) which is designed with a small dial on the back of the heel, which allows you to micro-adjust the way your shoes fit.