Cleveland Golf Reveals New 2020 Smart Sole 4 wedges

This is not exactly breaking news, but Cleveland Golf has unveiled (back in January, mind you) their latest Smart Sole 4 wedges, and somehow this went under our radar so far. The new wedges are now available at selected retailers all across the United States, and you can choose between three unique models, each of them featuring a wide sole with a leading bounce design, which is aimed at providing clean, crisp contact with the golf ball and improved stability, shot after shot, round after round.

Moreover, the new wedges in Cleveland Golf’s portfolio arrive with extra-wide 3-tiered sole, featuring an added leading-edge; this particular design was chosen for delivering optimal forgiveness in the fairway, bunker or the rough-out, i.e. in any imaginable scenario. All the new Smart Sole 4 wedges boast Cleveland Golf’s patented Feel Balancing Technology, which consists of redistributing weight from the hosel in order to promote a closer to the center of the face CoG or center of gravity; to make it real simple, this peculiar design promotes greater consistency and an overall better feel. On top of that, the new wedges are marketed as promoting improved spin performance in all conditions via aggressively milled grooves. As we already told you, there are three different models to choose from: the C model (42°), G model, (50°), and S model (58°) respectively, and according to Cleveland Golf, the brand new G version is designed for extensive versatility and full shot capability, to complement the C and S models.

Cleveland Golf Reveals New 2020 Smart Sole 4 wedges

If you are wondering who it's for, the new Smart Sole 4 Wedges are aimed at golfers looking for a simpler short game system, and each of the new models is designed for a specific type of shot. And here’s what you have to know about the 3 wedges: the C wedge is designed for foolproof chip shots, the S model is for easier sand saves, while the new G is all about forgiveness on approach shots.

Finally, the new Smart Sole 4 wedges are available since February 7th in men's and women's offerings in both right and left-handed options. As per pricing, you’ll have to pay $119.99 MAP for Men’s Steel and $129.99 for Men’s Graphite, or $119.99 MAP for graphite for the Women’s Smart Sole 4 wedges.

But wait, there’s more: along with the Smart Sole 4 wedges, Cleveland Golf also launched their new CBX Full-Face wedges, which are the successors of the highly popular CBX and CBX 2. The new CBX Full-Face boasts a half cavity design and it’s crafted from stainless steel, sharing most of its technologies with the former CBX 2, yet has a taller and larger face, with the half cavity helping with pushing the center of gravity closer in line and away from the heel, for better feel and improved consistency. Here’s Cleveland Golf’s R&D manager on the new CBX Full Face wedges:

Cleveland Golf Reveals New 2020 Smart Sole 4 wedges

“We wanted to provide another option for players to use closer to the green. The grooves extend across the face and to the upper toe region and are the same grooves we use on CBX 2. The laser mill goes all the way across as well. The sole is basically the same as CBX 2 but we’ve taken some bounce out of the center and added more relief to the back end of the sole.”

The CBX Full Face wedges are already available for North American clients since February 28th and they can be ordered in 4 lofts: 56, 58, 60 and 64 degrees respectively, for $150 per wedge (MSRP).