Callaway Golf’s PM Grind 2019 Was Designed by 2 Legends

If you’re a golf aficionado, you may already know everything about Roger Cleveland and Phil Mickelson. The latter is probably the best wedge-player in golf history, while the former is a legendary wedge designer, arguably the best one who ever lived on God’s green earth. Now, today’s news is that these two guys joined forces so to speak, and created Callaway’s newest PM Grind Wedge, the 2019 model that is, which makes for a complete redesign courtesy of the 2 golf legends.

According to Phil Mickelson’s philosophy, there are 3 quintessential shots every golfer should master with a wedge in his hand: the hit and check, the knockdown and the flop shot. Point being, every “serious golfer” would love a wedge that’s specially designed to make these 3 shots easier to play, hence these guys put their heads together and created the PM Grind Wedge, featuring Callaways’ Groove-in-Groove technology, an innovative feature that first saw action in the Mack Daddy 4 wedge introduced last year. The Groove-in-Groove technology consists of specially designed ridges, machined into the wedge’s face, positive ridges that is, thus creating no less than eighty four points of contact with the golf ball.

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Enter Phil Mickelson’s genius, who introduced the concept of machining the micro grooves into the wedge’s face at a twenty degree angle, thus making them stand perpendicular to the target line. In this way, you’ll get more spin on lob shots than ever before. Or at least that’s the theory.

Besides the revamped Groove-in-Groove technology, the PM Grind Wedge 2019 is engineered to help golfers position their hands ahead of the ball and move the ball back in their stance via an increased amount of offset.

Also, by removing weight from the sole, the wedge now has a higher toe, a clever design trick which is aimed at promoting a lower trajectory, and, in the same time, to pull the center of gravity upward, thus creating more space on the face. Moreover, in order to promote a clean/crisp contact with the ball from all types of greenside lies, the wedge’s C grind sole provides extra relief at the heel and toe. Roger Cleveland has said in regard to his experience of collaborating with Phil Mickelson at developing the new PM Grind 2019 wedge that, let me quote:

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“Working with Phil on the PM grind wedges has been a fantastic experience. His insights are always spot-on, and implementing them to create something innovative like the PM Grind 2019 is incredibly satisfying. This wedge is going to help a lot of players hit shots they couldn’t hit before.”

The brainchild of Roger Cleveland and Phil Mickelson will be available with a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel wedge shaft, which was designed to deliver the ideal combo of spin, feel and control, along with a Lamkin UTX grip. The latest wedge from Callaway will hit the stores starting with February 15th at a recommended retail price of $159.99 in Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey colorways, both version featuring a PM Grind medallion located on the back of the club. As per loft-bounce combos, the PM Grind 2019 right handed and left handed models include 54º/14º, 56º/14º,58º/12º,60º/12º, and 64º/10º.

To tell you the truth, I can’t wait to try these on the “battlefield”. The previous model was awesome and these look like they’ll be even better with the C grind and some camber on the sole!!!