The Bridgestone Tour B330 golf ball is designed for golfers who prioritize distance, control, and overall performance. While the exact compression rating for the Tour B330 is not publicly disclosed by Bridgestone, it is generally considered to have a compression in the mid-to-high range.

The Tour B330 features a multi-layer construction that includes a soft inner core, an outer mantle layer, and a urethane cover. This combination of layers is designed to provide exceptional distance off the tee while maintaining excellent control and feel around the greens. The soft inner core helps to generate high initial ball speed and reduce spin off the driver for maximum distance.

The outer mantle layer of the Tour B330 works in conjunction with the core to enhance ball speed and reduce spin on long shots. This promotes a more penetrating ball flight and increased carry distance. The urethane cover offers excellent greenside spin and control, allowing golfers to stop the ball quickly on the green and have better command over their shots.

Compression is just one factor to consider when choosing a golf ball. Other factors such as spin, feel, durability, and personal preference also play important roles. Each golfer has unique swing characteristics and preferences, so it's recommended to try out different golf balls to determine which one suits your game best.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Bridgestone Tour B330 golf ball, I recommend referring to Bridgestone's official website or contacting Bridgestone directly. They can provide specific details about the ball's construction, performance characteristics, and any updates or advancements they have made to the product.

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