Bag Boy Redesignes Chiller Cart

If you love summer, even if it’s almost gone, golf and beer, the good news for today is that Bag Boy’s famous Chiller Cart just got a makeover. As you may already know, Bag Boy is a highly innovative company specialized in creating mind-blowing golf gear and accessories, and their Chiller Cart Bag was specially designed for beer lovers. Now, the iconic chiller cart has been redesigned, as Bag Boy announced recently a new and sleeker version. The brand spanking new Chiller Cart Bag will be available starting with the second half of September, and you can take that to the bank folks.

So, what’s so exciting about a new chiller bag, you asked? Well, the original Chiller Cart Bag was incredibly popular due to its insulated (and also removable) cooler bag, which was perfectly ready and willing to accommodate a six-pack, or, to put it another way, 6 twelve ounce cans of one’s preferred beverage. The coolest (pun intended) thing about the Chiller Cart Bag is that the insulated cooler bag is removable, which makes cleaning it a breeze.Bag Boy Redesignes Chiller Cart Also, refilling the six-pack thing at the clubhouse is pretty simple, i.e. it’s a win-win situation. Here’s Bag Boy’s Product Manager Pat Gallagher on the “makeover”:

“We have made a number of improvements to this bag, while still being able to reduce its weight. As always, the removable cooler feature is a favorite and we are excited to continue the momentum of the Chiller Cart Bag.”

Basically, if something works, don’t fix it, right? Among the key upgrades of the Chiller Cart Bag 2.0 we must mention the newly designed centrally integrated putter well, which is bigger than before, and provides easy access to the gear; the top handles of the bag were also redesigned, and they look more modern and smoother than before; the fourteen way organizer now features full length individual dividers, i.e. it keeps your clubs safe and separated, preventing them from banging into each other. We must also mention Bag Boy’s patented Top-Lok Technology, which comes standard in the chiller, and it basically makes for a bag to cart attachment system that just works.Bag Boy Redesignes Chiller Cart The new Chiller Cart Bag boasts no less than twelve pockets, so you can carry all your gear on the battlefield hassle free, and includes two big garment pockets, each of them being complemented with a ball retriever sleeve, as well as a fleece lined valuables pocket, two mesh pockets for quick access, and two garment pockets (mid-sized).

And what about rainy weather, as autumn is on its way? Don’t worry, as the Chiller Cart Bag comes with an umbrella holder and matching rain hood included in the retail package.