Bag Boy Helps You Stay Cool This Summer with Cooler Bag, Cart Fan and Chiller Cart Bag Trio

It’s summer and the weather is scorching hot, but have no worries, as Bag Boy's latest Cart Fan, Cooler Bag and Chiller Cart Bag trio is going to make things better on the golf course. The company announced recently their new “Keep It Cool” trio, which as far as marketing slogans go, it’s almost perfect. In case you’re not up to date with Bag Boy, this is a company specialized in manufacturing and designing a full line of push carts, golf bags, travel covers and cool accessories, all of them making for feature loaded/award winning products that are designed with golfers in mind, i.e. they’re everything about comfort and convenience on the golf course, not to mention affordable, which is another quality of Bag Boy made gear.

Let’s begin with the 3-in-1 cart fan from Bag Boy, a cool gizmo that’s going to become your new best friend in the dog days of summer, making for a fully adjustable and energy efficient cart-fan, which features a power bank, a mister and a built in rechargeable battery. What’s really interesting about this 3-in-1 cart fan is that you can easily detach the portable battery charger bank, and use it to juice-up whatever other device (rangefinder, GPS watch, smartphone) via its USB port. Moreover, the battery offers over 5 hours of autonomy for the fan, but it all depends on the speed setting. Another cool feature is the water misting spray thing, which can be turned on and off at a flick of a switch, and combined with the powerful 2 inch fan blades/3 speed cart fan , it will provide you with excellent cooling regardless of the temperature outside.

Bag Boy Helps You Stay Cool This Summer with Cooler Bag, Cart Fan and Chiller Cart Bag Trio

Moving along with our news story, we have the new Cooler Bag from Bag Boy, which makes for an insulated piece of golf gear that can easily hold two 6 packs, i.e. 12 12oz cans (of beer, obviously). Speaking of making friends during hot summer days on the golf course, it doesn’t get any better than that, believe us. On top of that, the Cooler Bag comes with a hook and loop fastener handle, as well as an extra secure strap. Everything is about protecting those cold bruskies, right? If you’re worried about your golf gear, well, don’t be, as the bag also features extra storing space, in the shape and form of 2 mesh side pockets, which are large enough for holding all of your golf gear. Finally, the bag is as tough as nails, as it’s built using lightweight nylon material, and it’s also compact enough to be carried around all day.

Last but not least, we have the Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag, the “star of the show” so to speak; in regard to chilling, this bad-boy boasts a removable (insulated, obviously) cooler bag, which can hold a six-pack (6 12oz cans), but that’s just an “extra”. The Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag is the real deal for holding your golf paraphernalia, as it features a 15 way organizer top, i.e. this is a proper golf-bag which is perfectly capable of storing all your golf clubs, as it comes with full length individual dividers.

Bag Boy’s new Chiller Bag also features Top Lok technology, and in case you’re scratching your head wondering what’s that, what we’re dealing with here is a proprietary/patented technology, a bag to cart attachment system of sorts, which is aimed at securing the bag to your push cart, thus preventing it from twisting and turning like crazy, i.e. you won’t require using cart straps.