Aldila Releases Tour Shafts to Public

    Lots of equipment companies give the pros first dibs on their latest offerings, then release the new products publicly after thorough testing on tour.

    If the new club, ball or component happens to rack up a win or two before hitting the market, so much the better.

    So it is with Aldila’s Tour Green and Tour Blue shafts, available through clubmakers and retail outlets as of October 15, 2013.

    Both models feature a constant taper design to promote excellent feel and a smooth release through impact. Both are made with Aldila’s ultra-thin Micro Laminate composite materials (MLT), and are built to optimize performance with today’s larger, lighter clubheads.

    The Tour Blue, used by Matt Kuchar in his 3-wood and hybrid in winning the 2013 Memorial, features a softer tip and lower torque than its sibling, producing higher trajectory shots with low to medium spin. The Tour Green has a stiff tip and moderate torque for a more penetrating flight with less spin.