Adidas Golf Launches Limited Edition Collection Zero

The latest apparel release from Adidas Golf just arrived with the improbable name “Collection Zero” and it comes in a very limited edition, which means you must move fast and go for the kill “ASAP”, because, who knows, maybe someday these shoes will become a collector's item, that provided you don't wear them too much. Now, seriously speaking, the new Collection Zero is no joke; even though Adidas is a German company, and we all know how serious and old school German people are, the limited edition Collection Zero aims to step into the footsteps of Nike by bringing street culture to the golf course.

As you may already have guessed, the new Adidas collection is not “old school looking”, as they're crafted targeting a younger audience. So, if you're a younger dude looking for a cool pair of golf shoes to improve the “bling factor”, or you're just young at heart and you love the 3-stripe brand, the new collection from Adidas may be a match made in heaven for you. All the items are crafted using high-quality materials and impeccable workmanship, being a cool blend of performance and lifestyle. Collection Zero includes a jacket, sweatshirt, stripe polo, Jacquard polo, Dobby pant, and Dobby and woven shorts.

Here’s Adidas Golf senior creative director Dylan Moore:

“Golfers today expect to find apparel that provides them with everything they would need on the course – stretch, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics, protection from the sun, etc. – but they also expect to find unique elements of style and versatility within those pieces.

We wanted to give them that, so we looked to our DNA as a brand for inspiration and met with designers from other categories to get additional insights. The end result was this unique capsule that had the perfect blend of golf with sport and street culture.”

So, if you don’t want to look boring, just like a regular golfer, Collection Zero has your name on it; just go get it while it lasts, alright?