Adams Idea 12 Piece Set Review

    The Adams Idea 12 Piece Set is built and designed to meet all your requirements on the golf course. Basically, if you'll choose the Idea 12 Piece Set, this will be the last time you're spending money on golf gear. The idea behind the…Idea (pun intended) is to offer the casual golfer the complete package, an “all in one” kind of a deal, basically everything you'll ever need for enjoying a perfect golfing experience. Needless to say, all the clubs in the Idea 12 Piece Set feature Ping's patented/proprietary technologies, including the game enhancing slot, available through the set. The Idea 12 Piece Set has it all, everything you'll ever need, ranging from a fairly easy to hit driver, to fairway woods, irons, hybrids and wedges; the Idea set is created to make your game more enjoyable and more fun.

    The cherry on top is the Yes! Putter which comes with the C-Groove technology, and considering the additional putter, you can safely presume that the Idea 12 Piece Set is above all others, offering great value for your money and providing you with state of the art golf gear, to suit each and every need. Forever! The hybrids in the Idea 12 Piece Set feature the brand new Cut-Thru sole design, for producing a higher launch, more ball speed and additional distance for your game, especially when it comes to those pesky off-center hits. Another breakthrough is the actual wrap around slot, which makes for a company first, never seen in a golf club before, that enhances the sweet spot, contributing with up to 44% additional ball speed on off-center shots, together with up to 23% additional speed when you hit the sweet spot, compared to the Idea 12OS which is the industry's standard (even leader).