Laws of Golf part II 1

Laws of Golf part II 2

Not to be mistaken for the Rules of Golf established by the game’s governing bodies, the Laws of Golf are administered by the arbitrary yet all-powerful golf gods.

Here are a few more, many of which you should recognize:

  • Golf is 90% mental. The rest? Also mental.
  • Poor shots occur in groups of three. A fourth poor shot in succession is, in fact, the first of a new set of three.
  • Any time you lift your head early and hit a bad shot, you will cast your eyes downward at the precise moment your ball enters the trees or scrub. You will not find the ball.
  • If you make a mid-round swing change, expect it to work for as many as three holes, or as few as zero.
  • In golf, “rock bottom” is a meaningless term. You can always play worse.
  • The brain can hold a maximum of 250 swing thoughts at once.
  • A golfer who claims to never cheat is also a liar.
  • There are two options when you fear hitting into a group on the green ahead: 1) Avoid the possibility and shank a layup. 2) Wait for the group to leave the green, then top your attempt to reach it.
  • If it ain’t broke, change your stance and posture.
  • Still away? Then it’s not a gimme.
  • Match play pits your skill against an opponent’s luck.
  • You will hole a remarkable percentage of 40-foot putts when lying at least 7.
  • On the golf course, the shortest distance between any two points is a direct line through a massive tree.
  • Aim at a two-acre fairway and you will hit it 10% of the time. Aim away from a two-inch branch and you will hit it 90% of the time.
  • Each birdie will be immediately followed by a triple-bogey. This assures that the universe remains in equilibrium.
  • If you want to hit an 8-iron 175 yards like a pro golfer, just use it to lay up short of a water hazard that’s 170 yards away.