Married To Clubs Joke

Married To Clubs Joke 1

Memory Fails

A golfer named Ted is a bit concerned to find out his caddie, Carl, is 80 years old. After the caddiemaster assures Ted that Carl’s eyesight is 20-20, the pair head for the first tee.

Ted's tee shot is long but off line, finding deep rough right of the fairway. “Did you mark the spot?” he asks Carl.

“Sure did,” Carl replies confidently.

As they walk down the fairway, Ted asks, “Where is it?”

Sighs Carl, “I forgot.”

Married To Clubs Joke 2

A Moment of Silence

Frank is just about to stroke his putt on the sixth green when a funeral procession drives into view. Frank backs away, takes off his hat and bows his head. When the procession has passed, his playing partner Allen says, “That was very respectful of you, Frank.”

“It’s the least I could do,” Frank replies solemnly. “We were married for 30 years.”