How ’Bout a Walk, Honey 1

How ’Bout a Walk, Honey?

Don and his pregnant wife, Judy, are attending Lamaze class. Midway through the session, the instructor begins discussing the benefits of exercise.

“Ladies, walking is one of the healthiest activities when you’re pregnant,” she says. “And gentlemen, a leisurely stroll with your wife wouldn’t hurt you either.”

As heads nodded across the room, Don raised his hand. “Do you have a question, sir?” the teacher asked.

“Yes, I do,” Don replied. “As we’re walking, is it OK for my wife to carry a golf bag?”

How ’Bout a Walk, Honey 2

Dear God, Let it Be Tails

Neil is standing on the first tee, growing impatient while waiting for Mike to show up for their scheduled round. Finally, Mike pops out of the clubhouse and rushes to meet him.

“What took you so long?” asks an exasperated Neil.

“Sorry,” Mike says, “but it’s Sunday. I had second thoughts about skipping church, so I decided to flip a coin. Heads for church, tails for golf.”

“Even so,” Neil replies, “how long can a coin toss take?”

“It was the weirdest thing,” Mike says. “It took 20 flips to come up tails.”