A Pro’s Wisdom, Golf Joke

A Pro’s Wisdom, Golf Joke 1

Playing their semi-weekly Wednesday morning match, Will and Carlos came to a par 3. Though the hole measured just 125 yards, fog had rendered the green all but invisible. Only the red flag could be spotted in the soup.

Will drilled a pitching wedge and Carlos followed with a well-struck 9-iron. Both men were pleased, and approached the green expecting to find their shots near the pin. Sure enough, one ball had stopped five feet away. After a few minutes searching for the second ball, Carlos looked into the cup – and there it was, a Titleist 2. Unfortunately, Will was playing the same brand and number.

Unable to decide whose ball was in the hole, the men consulted the head pro for assistance. He congratulated them on hitting two fine shots, then said, “I think I can solve this mystery.”

“By all means,” Will said excitedly, “tell us who made the hole-in-one!”

“Well,” the pro replied, “I’d say it was the guy who hit a yellow ball.”