Most golfers should carry a #5 fairway wood for the versatility it offers, here’s why:

With 18 degrees of loft, it provides more loft than a 3 wood wood, which typically has only about 14 degrees of loft. The additional loft makes it much easier to hit the ball high with forgiveness, and gives you the ability to use it very effectively from difficult lies. In fact, most golfers can hit their five fairway wood from the fairway or the rough with enough height and forgiveness, which is not always the case with the modern 3 wood.

The club-length of a #5 wood is about 1 inch shorter than a 3 wood, making it much easier to consistently hit the sweet spot.

The #5 wood has about 10 more grams of sole head-weight compared to a 3 wood wood. This additional sole weight will help you in two ways; getting the ball up quicker off the fairway or over the lip of a fairway bunker.

The #5 wood gives you added flexibility to hit the ball high over obstacles and carry over long drops. Some golfers like the fact that the 5 fairway woods head size, is about the same size as a 3 wood given the golfer confidence at the address position.

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