The Modern 3 Fairway Wood


For many golfers, a modern #3 fairway wood makes a very good and correct choice, here’s why:

With a 13 or 14 degrees of loft, it provides more loft than a driver wood, which typically has only about 10.5 degrees of loft. The additional loft makes it much easier to hit the ball high with forgiveness, and gives you the ability to work the ball with a draw or fade. In fact, some golfers can hit their three wood club about the same length as their driver but with more accuracy.

The club-length of a #3 wood is about 1 inch shorter than a driver wood, making it easier to consistently hit the sweet spot.

The #3 wood will have about 10 more grams of sole head-weight compared to a driver wood. This additional sole weight will help you in two ways to cure; getting the ball up off the fairway and hitting out of the rough.

The Modern 3 Fairway Wood

The #3 wood gives you added flexibility to hit the ball high over trees and carry over valleys. Some golfers like the fact that there 3 wood head size is a lot smaller than their driver. They feel less wind residence then with their 460 cc driver head.

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