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Replace Your 6 Iron with a Number 13 Fairway Wood:

 For some golfers who do not feel comfortable hitting an iron, the solution is to fill your bag with an extended range of fairway woods. Fairway woods can range anywhere from a 2 wood all the way up through a 25 wood. Woods decrease in length and increase in the loft as the number gets higher. Today, we will talk about the benefits of a number 13 fairway wood.

 In general, the 13 wood replaces the number 6 iron. Both clubs have a loft of between 30 and 35 degrees, but that is where the comparison

The 13 fairway wood is hit with more of a sweeping motion while the iron is hit with more of a descending blow. The shaft of a 13 fairway wood is about one inch longer than a 6 iron and provides greater leverage. While both clubs are designed to hit the ball the approximate same distance, the heel to toe forgiveness, you get with the wood results in higher average distance.3-wood-1 iron

Seniors, women and those that cannot  hit a regular iron very far can benefit from hitting a number thirteen wood when they need both distance and loft. The addition of a flexible graphite shaft or a light-weight  steel shaft can also increase the head speed for longer distance. A switch to all woods might just improve your game.

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