The Nike VAPOR FLY FAIRWAY WOODS represent an interesting combination between the excellent adjustability options of the Vapor Flex and the size of the Vapor Speed (developed with Rory McIllroy). The overall design and engineering of the Vapor Fly Fairway Wood is aimed at promoting less spin, higher launch, thus yielding more yardage than ever before, thanks to the very thin and light crown, which basically moves the weight down, promoting distance and forgiveness, shot after shot. The redesigned Covert cavity back spreads the weight over to heel and toe, for delivering amazing forgiveness (it does that by increasing the moment of inertia or MOI folks), while the patented FlyBeam structure makes for a more flexible face and a very stable body.

    The thinner crown (steel made) is now built using a honeycomb pattern, which gives it tremendous sterngth while keeping the weight down.The Nike VAPOR FLY FAIRWAY WOODS is available in two shaft options, the Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 70 or the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 65F. Another interesting tech detail is that the FlexLoft hosel adapter is now thinner, meaning the adjustability of every club is down, ranging from 5 to 2 degrees, with a range of 5 heads, from 13 to 21 degrees, all being adjustable plus/minus one degree. What that means for you, the regular player? Well, the redesigned Covert cavity sole works in tandem with the channel located behind the club's face (wider and thinner around the heel and toe), benefiting from the FlyBeams which stiffen the club's head, delivering more speed to the ball than ever before. Everything revolves around ball speed and distance with the Vapor Fly Fairway Wood, without compromising forgiveness in the process. Also, the sound and feel is dramatically improved in the new generation, and I think you'll really enjoy the nice penetrating ball flight trajectory, together with the better looks of the smaller adjustable hosel. Bottom line, well done Nike, you managed to improve an already excellent model (last year's Vapor Fly fairway) and make it even better, drop of the hat!