Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood Review

    The brand-new Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood is part of the F6 family and it retails for $239 (MSRP). What's interesting about the Cobra King F6 is that it's the company's most forgiving and longest fairway wood, and it comes with simple and efficient center of gravity adjustability options for the back and front, thus increasing distance via optimized spin and launch.

    Compared to the old Fly-Z fairway generation, where you had 2 models to choose from, very different in terms of looks and performance, the latest Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood plays solo, and it comes with a head featuring a movable 20 grams weight, built from tungsten incorporated into an aluminum casing, which changes positions using a little black plastic cap, for moving the respective weight back or forward in the sole, across 2 positions. This clever gimmick alters the center of gravity back for increased spin translating into higher launch, or the opposite, if the weight is moved in the front. The solution is simple and elegant, and the best thing is that it really works. Having the tungsten weight in the back position dramatically increases the height of the ball trajectory and makes the Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood lighter to swing.

    In terms of sound and feel, this baby is really good, very similar with what you'd expect from a better player's wood; also it's more lively and more dynamic than the old Fly-Z fairway. The Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood sits a little more square compared to the Fly-Z+ and it looks compact at address, not as deep as the Z, with a minimalistic design and an interesting black head and a white or blue crown, which contrast beautifully with the black face. The Speed Channel is still there, around the perimeter, for improving ball speed when it comes to off center hits. Overall, I really enjoyed the Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood on the turf, because it manages to combine the best features for the previous 2 Fairway-Z models in just one fine package, having the flight and the forgiveness of the Fly-Z while keeping alive the looks and head size of the Fly-Z +.