Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood Review
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    The Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood retails for $279.99 (MSRP) and it’s built and designed for enhancing power, forgiveness and accuracy via the company’s proprietary technologies, i.e. the triaxial carbon composite material used in the crown, making it almost eighty percent lighter compared to a regular steel crown. The salvaged weight is redistributed strategically within the club’s head for maximizing the moment of inertia (MOI) thus lowering the center of gravity (CG), which finally translates into an absolutely epic (pun intended) fairway wood that launches easier than ever before. All this mumbo jumbo high tech salesman pitch can be easily translated into layman’s terms as it follows: if you’re looking for low spin, great sound, and a hot and easy to hit fairway wood, the Callaway GBB Epic has your name on it.

    Just like its bigger brother the Epic Driver, the Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood has a high tech crown and it performs up to the already exaggerated high standards of the Epic line of golf gear, including that sexy look, thanks to its carbon fiber crown boasting those cool neon green accents, which makes it an awesome looking club at address. The Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood shares the same solid feel as the driver, though it lacks the Jailbreak technology of the latter, with good feedback on mishits which is delivered more through feel than sound. This fairway wood is incredibly easy to launch high and forgiving in the same time, thanks in no small measure to the ultra light crown. If you’re seeking for the ultimate in terms of distance, both from the turf and from the tee, look no further, this is the “droid” you were looking for. The ball speeds are equally impressive, together with the low spin and high launch (there are 4 premium shafts available and 6 different heads), making the Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood a must have in any golfer’s paraphernalia this season.