Bridgestone JGR Fairway Wood Review
    © Bridgestone Golf

    The Bridgestone JGR retails for $179 (MSRP) and it falls into the category of game improvement fairway woods, being an excellent choice for both high handicap amateurs or professionals. The JGR fairway wood is built and designed using the same principles and technologies as the JGR driver, made from stainless steel of the highest quality, together with the company's patented technologies, including the stiff sole, the flexible FAST flexible-crown and the speeDARC state of the art technology for increasing launch angles. The face of the Bridgestone JGR Fairway Wood features a milled pattern and it's aimed at limiting spin when it comes to miss-hits. Bridgestone chose a single plug, located near the back of the club, instead of using interchangeable weights, for moving the center of gravity (CG) deep and low for further improving forgiveness and launch. The ultra-thin face of the Bridgestone JGR Fairway Wood is engineered for maximum repulsion in a spring-like fashion, while the new and improved milled face design makes for the ultimate combo for providing you with added forgiveness and low spin distance, even on off center hits.

    The Bridgestone JGR Fairway Wood makes for an interesting melange between 2 technologies, the FAST crown working in tandem with the speeDARC tech, for offering you, the player, an impressively stable base which offers incredible crown flexibility, translating into the company's highest launching and fastest fairway wood ever built. In terms of playability, the Bridgestone JGR Fairway Wood will provide you with repeatable mid-low flight, regardless of the wind conditions, being absolutely awesome off a tee and pretty solid off the deck. Also, its great roll-out and low flight will dramatically increase distance in firmer conditions, the Bridgestone JGR Fairway Wood being actually longer than I would have expected at first sight. In terms of feel, this baby is definitely a top tier, offering a delightful crack upon ball impact, and being very easy to sense all through your swing, which positively improves timing and provides great feedback when it comes to miss-hits. Bottom line, with its sweet feel and sleek design, the Bridgestone JGR Fairway Wood is one of 2016's top picks, being long and versatile, very easy to recommend.