Thomas Golf Square Hybrid 460cc Drivers Review

    The Thomas Golf Square Hybrid 460cc is the full sized version of the hugely popular AT-725 Square Hybrid 230cc driver and it’s currently on sale, retailing for only $234/each. The general idea behind designing this piece of golf gear is to deliver the maximal volume for the club head without sacrificing playability in the process. Featuring a state of the art titanium construction, superior technology and Thomas Golf’s proprietary shot alignment guide, this driver is straight, long built to last, being one of a kind.

    The sweet spot is large enough for optimizing the contact with the ball and also for providing you with above-average forgiveness. The lightweight titanium head makes for the Square Hybrid 460cc fairly easy to swing, easy to get airborne and adds immensely to playability levels. The clever design (the alignment guide thingy) makes from this driver a lethal weapon with deadly accuracy, shot after shot, round after round, in any type of lies whilst the lowered center of gravity (when compared to regular drivers) of the Square Hybrid 460cc provides extra carry distance. Bottom line, if you’re on the prowl for a hybrid driver which offers incredible accuracy, distance, forgiveness, feel and sound, look no further, because you’ve already found it!