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    The TaylorMade KALEA LADIES driver marks a come-back for the company, i.e. this is the first range of golf clubs designed specifically for women golfers in the latest decade or so. The TaylorMade KALEA LADIES driver is marketed as offering beauty in every swing, power in every shot and…well, purpose for each club (as I already told you, the driver is part of a line) in your golf-bag. But marketing aside, TaylorMade really made an effort to please women golfers, hence they put their best materials, technologies and craftsmanship into these babies. Long story short, the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES driver comes with various design features, which include deeper and lower center of gravity locations, optimized lofts, thinner and more flexible tip shafts for significantly improving launch-angles, together with the company's proprietary slot technology which dramatically improves both consistency and distance, shot after shot.

    Basically, all these high tech features you'll discover in the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES driver are aimed at optimizing performance when it comes to women golfers with slow swing speeds, and the company really did a great job in terms of improving distance gapping by promoting higher ball-flight. I must notice that the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES driver is very light , in order to provide you with easier and faster swings, translating into more clubhead speed. The Speed pockets also add to ball speed for longer and straighter shots, while the low kick Slim shafts will definitely help you to launch the ball higher than ever before. Also, being a driver aimed specifically at women, the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES comes with very beautiful color accents, which work in tandem with the unique blend of tech features for maximizing performance and boosting confidence.