Finding the Right Driver

    It is never a good idea to blame your equipment right away when things don’t go as you expect on the course. However, at some point, it is smart to look to your equipment as a place where you can improve. If you feel like you are making good swings and those swings aren’t being rewarded with positive results, it might be time to put a new driver in the bag.

    So, what kind of process do you use when it is time for a new driver? For some golfers, the answer is easy – they head to the golf shop or look online, and order the one that looks best. This is a fairly useless method to use, unfortunately. You can’t judge a driver by the way it looks, and simply reading a spec sheet is not going to tell you how the club would perform out on the course. Also, you can’t judge a driver by which professional golfers have decided to put it in the bag.

    To make sure you come away with a driver that is a good fit for your game, the best course of action is to go through a fitting at your local golf shop or driving range. Most of the golf facilities in your area should have the technology available to put you through a comprehensive fitting process. This typically involves the use of a launch monitor which will be operated by a trained professional. The information gathered during your fitting session will help the pro point you in the right direction for your next driver. Rather than picking one club and shaft combination for you, the session will probably leave you with a few options. From there, you can decide which one looks best to you, and which is available for the best price. Since a driver can be a significant financial investment, it makes sense to go through a fitting before you buy, just to make sure you are making a good choice.

    It is no fun to hit low and short drives. Not only are these types of drives not going to do much for you on the scorecard, they also won’t let you pick up bragging rights against your friends. By using the advice in this article, you should be able to tack some yardage onto your tee shots in short order. Be patient with yourself while working on your driver swing, and look for signs of progress along the way. Good luck!