Cobra King F7 and F7+ Driver Review
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    The Cobra King F7 and F7+ drivers retail for $349 and $399 respectively (MSRP) and the main difference between the two is that the latter has a smaller profile at address. Both drivers are packed full with Cobra King’s proprietary Arcos technology and the 3 Center of Gravity settings, which allow for fine tuning your gear in order to get the most benefits, i.e. maximum distance and lower lofts. The Cobra King F7 and F7+ are aimed at better players, being incredibly versatile due to their adjustability options, and also long and forgiving. However, the key technology incorporated into the F7 generation of drivers is a sensor in the grip which transmits in-game data to your smartphone in real time using the free Cobra Connect application. Both drivers have a traditional, friendly and comfortable look at address, with rounded heads which sit squarely behind the golf ball.

    The Cobra tag provides pretty good reference for alignment. In terms of feel, the Cobra King F7 and F7+ are easy to get moving and they feel rock solid on ball impact. However, Cobra made zero compromises in terms of speed, due to the drivers explosive, crisp feedback and the added stability. These clubs feel hot, in pure Cobra tradition. The Cobra King F7 and F7+ really shine when it comes to forgiveness. Once you’ve fine tuned them to your swing, these babies feel almost automatic, like they’re doing the whole job for you. Distance wise, both drivers are consistent, with misses flying almost as far as sweet spot strikes. After taking the Cobra King F7 and F7+ for a test drive on the golf course, I’d describe them as fun and incredibly reliable drivers and considering their very decent price tag, you’ll get all the high tech bells and whistles at the lowest price point in their class. Keep in mind that the F7+ is aimed at higher swing speed golfers who want to keep spin on a down low.