Adams Blue Driver Review

    The Adams Blue Driver redefines one of the most important aspects in golf: to launch the ball easily and effortlessly, because struggling during the game is not very much fun, right? With the Easy Launch System, a proprietary technology, Adams Golf took a step further in this direction with the Blue driver. Now, the Adams Blue is basically a whole line of clubs, which includes a driver along with a hybrid/iron and a fairway wood combo, which were all designed with the sole purpose of helping you to get the ball up in the air without too much effort and with consistency, round after round. And, with this part taken care of, your game quality will improve significantly, because having fun during your favorite game is maybe the most important thing in the world, is it not?! Talking about Adams Blue’s Easy Launch System, it’s all about the launching conditions during your swing; more precisely, the physics which address ball flight. There are a few elements that come into play, like the launch angle, the head speed and spin rate, they’re all part of the equation which determines how your ball will end up.

    The Easy Launch System is focused at helping you as much as possible, providing more consistency to your shots with a little help from science. The first part in the equation is the Velocity Slot, which makes the clubface more flexible upon ball impact, offering the player more speed, distance and consistency, resulting in better accuracy and improved golf shots. The second element of the Easy Launch System is the center of gravity positioned low and back in the club’s head, an essential feature that promotes a higher launch and increased spin, thus more carry on all of your shots. Last but not least in the Easy Launch trio is the Slim Tech shaft Adams Golf put in its Blue range, which provides a higher launch from any type of lie. Bottom line, the Adams Blue Driver is all about game improvement, targeting recreational golfers and beginners alike, or anyone else for that matter that enjoys an easy to hit with and fun to play set of golf gear.