2 Driver Swing Accuracy Tips

    Aiming your driver properly is a big step in the direction of hitting accurate drives throughout your rounds. However, there is more to hitting fairways than just aiming correctly. Once you have aimed at your selected target, you will still need to make a quality swing in order to come away with positive results. With that in mind, we wanted to close this article with a couple tips on hitting your driver accurately.

  • Don’t swing so hard! Without a doubt, this is the biggest tip for every amateur golfer to understand when it comes to the driver. If you would like to hit the fairway more often, you need to stop swinging so hard. The average amateur golfer is obsessed with driver distance, and as a result, most players swing way too hard. Unfortunately, hard swings lead to a loss of balance, and poor balance will usually result in a wayward shot. And, here’s more bad news – an aggressive swing usually doesn’t lead to extra distance. So, in the end, you are hitting off-target drives and not even gaining any yardage as a result. You will do your game a huge favor if you are simply willing to make a softer, more controlled swing on the tee.
  • Keep your head back. The driver swing takes a long time to develop, and you might find yourself getting impatient waiting for impact to arrive. In order to hit accurate drives, you need to control yourself and stay back as long as possible on the way down. That means keeping your head slightly behind the ball until you make contact. If you let your head drag to the left of the ball on the way through, it is going to be tough to hit your target. Once you learn how to stay back and rotate properly, you will love the powerful position you are able to find at impact.
  • Aiming your driver is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up as you work on your game. Sure, it might not be all that fun to work on your driver aim during a practice session, but it is the golfers who are willing to put in the hard work who will be rewarded out on the course. Good luck!