The term ‘bounce’ when it comes to golf might not mean exactly what you think it does. If you are picturing your ball landing on the green and bouncing into a bunker, that is not the kind of bounce we are discussing here. Rather, bounce is a golf equipment term that is usually referenced in relation to wedges. Understanding what bounce in golf irons is all about, and how much you need, is an important part of building a good set of clubs. Answering the question of ‘how much bounce do I need’ is something that requires thinking about where you live, the style of golf you play, your swing technique, and more. It is complicated, but it can be figured out.

Bounce – Golf Lessons & Tips

To get started understanding wedge bounce angle, it might be helpful to have a wedge of your own in your hands while you read this. Get your sand wedge and your pitching wedge, and hold them upside down so you get a good close look at the club head of each. Find the leading edge of the club head, which is the bottom of the club face where the club starts to cut through the grass. Now, notice the roll or ‘bulge’ on the bottom of the club that exists from the leading edge back. This roll makes up the sole of your wedges, and the amount of roll is measured in terms of ‘bounce’. A high bounce wedge will have a noticeable roll from front to back on the bottom of the club head, while a low bounce wedge will almost appear to be flat on the bottom.

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