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Golf Ball Boxes All golf balls are not created equal.

Oh, they're all the same size and shape, and all have a dimpled surface. Most are the same color, too.

But the similarities end when the rubber meets the road - or more accurately, when the clubface meets the cover. Different golf ball brands and models offer different feel, spin rates and trajectory characteristics, and it's important to know which ball (or type of ball) is the best fit for your specific skills.

Fortunately, golf ball manufacturers offer a vast array of products designed to meet an equally wide range of players. Nearly every ball falls into one of three categories: Value/Recreational/Distance (mid- to high-handicappers with slower swing speeds), Premium (low- to mid-handicappers with moderate swing speeds) and Tour/Advanced/Performance (low-handicappers and professionals with high swing speeds).
Within each category, the differences from one ball to the next are often minimal. One might go a little farther off the tee, while another provides a smidgeon of extra spin around the greens. Once you've narrowed down your options to the proper category, the final choice is often a highly subjective matter.

Our Golf Ball Fitting Guide will take you through the selection process step by step, using your skills and personal preferences to determine which ball is your best bet. In this section, you'll also find an ever-expanding menu of reviews detailing the performance traits of today's brand-name and lesser-known golf balls.

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