So another really useful area where hybrid golf clubs can actually come to help you out quite a lot -going to be in fairway bunkers. I see a lot of golfers when they go into a fairway bunker they're natural instinct or reaction is just to reach for that sand wedge maybe a pitching wedge if they think they can hit the ball a little bit further, but it's instinctive that I'm in the sand, I must hit sand wedge the ball splashes out, it comes out 10 yards and yes you've got it out of the bunker, but you haven't necessarily gain the yard, but you have the distance that could get you back in the hole and keep your score progressing. So one thing I think you should consider doing is varying the clubs that you use in fairway bunkers depending on the height of the lip, your distance away from the lip, and how far you've got to go back down the hole.

So here's a really nice useful tip for you; when you find your golf ball in the bunker, you need to work out the height or the trajectory the ball needs to come out on. Now if you take any golf club and position the leading edge of the golf club horizontal to the ground, the angle of the shaft protrudes outer is actually the angle that the ball should fly out as well. So if I get this level to the ground, this points out at the angle that the ball will fly out off with this club. If I take a lofted club, so for example I go down to my lob wedge and point that horizontal to the ground, this points out into the air. Now, if I want the ball to come out really steeply and pop up on this angle, then that's great I'll use my lob wedge, but if I actually want a little bit more distance on the shot and I've got enough angle to clear the lip, the club so it's leveled to the ground horizontal and look at the angle of the golf club comes out and that's how my ball will fly.

So if I can hold that down to that level appreciate that's going to clear the lip, then this is a nice golf club to use from a fairway bunker. The more you're playing the ball from a fairway bunker we want to take the ball nice and clean, we don't really want to hit the two inches of sand that would normally associate with a green side bunker. So it's a good little tip here to have the ball around about the center of your stance, just grip down a half inch on the golf club that gives you a fraction more control, shortens the golf club as well, and stops the golf club banging into the sand too early. I would then also refrain from digging my feet too much. We often see in green side bunkers golfers often encourage to really wiggle around and settle our feet in, and yes that gives you good anchorage into the sand, but it could also encourage you to hit below the golf ball. Green side bunker that's fine, fairway bunker not so much.

So yes, make sure you've got good anchored feet positions, but don't go screwing your feet down to into the sand it's not necessary. So ball position is fine gripping down a half inch just to make sure I'm not going to dig the club into the turf or the sand. And as they toll in your posture make a nice smooth swing staying tall. You want to take the ball out quite cleanly not necessarily grounding the golf club beforehand,, that would cost you a little bit too much yard edge. So when you go into a fairway bunker, consider the distance you have to go to the target, how high the lip is? And how far from the lip you are? Consider that whether you've got the right club for the right loft to get over the lip and make sure you have enough loft if it's half and half I'm not really sure they'll do it, use your next most lofted golf club to get out, if that's the hybrid then great. Play the ball sort of nicely around about center, grip down half an inch, and stay toll and sweep the ball out cleanly. Have a little bit of practice on that next time you get yourself in a fairway bunker and I think you'll find if you use a hybrid from a fairway bunker, you can get yourself back in play in that hole and in previous goal.

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