Hi, there. You can join me now as I look at hybrid golf clubs. Now, hybrid golf clubs have been around in people's bags maybe for 10 years now. But actually, originally, hybrid golf clubs were kind of the original design of golf clubs. We had some woods, we had some irons. Now, we had the old Mashie-Niblicks, and the similar sort of design of the curved back against the flat face. And as all good things in design, evolution comes back around again and we now have hybrids back in our bags.

So, you look in most golfers bags now, they have the big headed drivers, the smallest slimmer faced irons, and then somewhere in between a hybrid club. And if you imagine that's like the bridging of the gap between the irons and the woods, the hybrids will now bridge the gap.

And for a lot of people, they would start by replacing their most difficult to hit irons; a three and a four iron, but actually, a lot of golfers now are finding that they're struggling more and more with their irons, yet they're enjoying more and more hitting hybrid golf clubs. So, we now start to look at hybrids feeding into the rest of the bag replacing sort of mid or even short irons.

So, if you look at the two golf clubs I've got down in front of me here, both seven irons or one classic looking seven iron and one seven hybrid, so both similar length, both exactly the same loft, 34 degrees but actually very different in the design. The iron, the more classic sort of slim top line to look down on was a hybrid club much wide and much more confidence giving faster back end there.

Now, when you look down on the golf ball, it might take a little bit of getting use to looking down on a hybrid club rather than looking down on an iron, but if when you look down on an iron and you're filled with sort of fear and trepidation and you're not too sure whether you're going to strike the ball well, yet when you look down on a hybrid or a fairway wood, the bigger round, the fatter sole gives you a little bit more confidence when you look down on it, it might be worth considering having hybrids progressively through your set.

So, you have your woods at the top end, they will probably always hit the ball the furthest and you have the shortest irons, the sand wedge, pitching wedge, the 9 iron, the 8 iron, but if they line throughout in the set progressively, you fancy putting hybrids into your set to get more forgiveness than consider how the bigger fatter round the head, the same length as your iron and the same loft as your iron could make a nice replacement, so having hybrids instead of mid irons.

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