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Video Transcript

You might look at the title of this video and consider, “Well, I’m struggling to practice with two hands on the golf club, I’m struggling to play golf well with both hands, how can practicing with one hand possibly benefit me?” But it’s a proven technique that we do use in lessons and we do see some of the world’s best players practicing just with one handed. Now the benefits of this can be threefold. The first thing I’d like to consider is that when you practice hitting your golf ball with one hand, you’ll generally have some increase in your tempo, you’re feeling like everything has to be nice and smooth. We’re not really going to practice with one hand and try and bolt the ball too far. So we end up sort of just pitching the ball away. I’ve got myself an eight iron here, ball on a little tee pegs, I don’t have to worry too much about the strike, left hand behind my back right hand. I can swing nice and smooth with good quality tempo, just pick a target out there that’s not too far and it should encourage you, you don’t have to bolt the ball all that hard.

Other things that we see when we’re only using one hand, is that we get a better awareness, a better overall coordination of the golf club. So because I’ve got one hand to play, I’ve actually got to work a bit harder just to coordinate everything moving together to put the club in decent positions. And the last and final thing, probably the most important thing about this whole thing is, it stops you overusing your hands, your hands when they’re together are quite strong together and they can do different things with the club, but actually just when I swing with one hand its quite difficult to do everything I want to do with one hand, so I feel that my body plays more of an influential part in it. My body turns and my hands are a little bit more passive, so from here my body turns, my hands are more passive in terms of taking the golf club up and down. So I feel that my body has a bit more influence, I have a bit more control and my tempo improves.

I’m going to try my luck again at this one wish me luck. So hopefully with all of these in mind we can swing nice and smooth controlled golf shots and just pop the ball down the middle with decent quality tempo with one handed practice drills.