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One thing that modern technology is encouraging is all to do is on the standard distance is better. You’ll see most golfers on the golf course now either with the laser rangefinder or GPS working out the distance. And that’s putting golf within a bit of a quandary now because they’re finding that they’re quite often in between clubs. They know that if 7-iron goes 150 yards and a 6-iron goes 160 yards. But they have now lasered the distance under 155. ‘Oh now what do I do, I can’t possibly hit this green because I’m right between clubs.’ Well firstly understand that most greens are 30 yards deep. So you’ve got three clubs that will hit this green minimum. So don’t worry about one going long and one going short. We’re now talking about the front, the middle or the back trying to get on the right tee at the right level of the green.

But if you do feel that you’re in between clubs and the seven is going to short and the six is going to go big, what we’d often encourage you to do is club up one and then just take it a little bit easier with that bigger club. Now by taking it easier I don’t simply mean slowing your swing down because the lack of commitment to the golf shot will kill you. Very often golfers who don’t commit to the ball get a bad contact or leave the face wide open; very short very right in the front bunker. So it’s important that even though you’ve clubbed up you still commit to the shot with the right golf club choice.

But you can commit with a bit less power by creating a shorter gulf club choice. So if you grip down on your bigger clubs – so take the 6-iron grip down by half an inch, make a nice committed swing, that half inch takes off about five yards. Another thing that could do is control the power just narrow the stance a little bit. That stops the big turn and the big movement through the ball. That takes off a little bit of power. I mean I always feel it’s better to hit the bigger club gently rather than hit the smaller club, the 7-iron in this instance and try and leather it because you’ll make a bad contact, you’ll make a bad swing and you’ll be out of balance. So grip on to the bigger club, half an inch down, half an inch narrower and then make a nice committed swing. And that should find that you play more consistent shots when you’re in between a golf club choice.