In this ladies golf swing tip video we are going to look at how to create more powerful and longer drives by holding the angle that you create between your left arm and the driver.

    Ladies Golf Tip Hold The Angle For Powerful Drives

    When you create the correct angle between your left arm and the driver on your backswing, you have a lot of power stored up in the club. If you learn how to release this power correctly and at the right time on your downswing, you will deliver maximum club head speed into the golf ball and hit your furthest and most powerful drives.

    Initially, you need to set up in the correct address position to hit a drive. You are going to swing the club head of your driver at the highest swing speed of all of your golf clubs, so it is really important to address the ball with a wide, solid base that will provide the balance and stability to accommodate such a high swing speed. Ensure that your feet are shoulder width apart and that your weight is distributed evenly between your left and right foot. You need to play the ball forward in your stance so position the ball opposite the inside of your left shoe (for right handed golfers).

    This position will allow you to square the club face to the target as you strike the golf ball but also allow you to catch the ball slightly on your upswing and help you to launch the ball up into the air for maximum shot distance. Position the golf face next to the golf ball so that it is aiming at your target. Position your hands so that they are over the crown of the driver, or the top and then position your head just to the right of your hands. This will place slightly more weight on your right side and will help align your shoulders so that they are parallel to your hips, knees and toes.

    You need to make a sweeping action through impact with the club head and to achieve this you should work on making a U shape swing where the club head can approach the golf ball at a shallow and gentle angle. To achieve this, move the club head away from the golf ball with your left shoulder and arm to begin your backswing. As your hands move across your right thigh, hinge your wrists so that the club head rises to level with your hands by the time your hands are hip height and the shaft of the golf club is pointing to the right and parallel to the target line. Keep your left arm straight and extended as you continue to rotate your shoulders and at chest height with your hands, you should have created an L shape between your left arm and the shaft of your driver. This angle that you have created between your left arm and the driver shaft is the angle that you need to hold to hit your most powerful drives. Keep your balance and complete your shoulder turn to 90 degrees right of their start position.

    As you make your downswing, initiate it by rotating your lower body towards the target and pull the angle between your left arm and the club shaft angle back down to hip height. For full power, you need to maintain this angle to hip height on your downswing. If you release the angle between your left arm and the club shaft during your downswing, creating a straight line between your left arm and the club, then you have released all of the power that you had created before you have struck the golf ball. Hold the angle between your left arm and the club shaft as you rotate your lower body towards the target and then once at hip height, extend and explode your right arm through impact to release the full speed of the club head into the golf ball.

    Work on doing this and you will hit your most powerful drives and your longest tee shots when you are next out on the golf course.