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When you're looking to make an upright golf swing, there're certain few kind of key points to your swing that you can check and then you can just cross reference to make sure you're making the right movements to get that swing, that a little bit more upright. Now most of the work can be done within the backswing because what you intend to do in your backswing, will kind of translate and carry over to your through swing. It's not always the case, it's not 100% kind of guarantee, but most of the work, say can be done in that backswing. Now the first thing you need to understand is what your target line is.

So I'm kind of going straight down this line towards the trees in the background. I'm settling my club in behind the ball; I'm getting my natural spine tilt over. And what I would normally see is the club to work around the body, in what I class as my normal play. So what I need to do here, is because I've got that target lined in mind, I know that if I move my club more back along the target line rather than allowing it to drift inside, this is going to allow me to make a much more steeper movement during the backswing. So that’s the first part of my upright backswing, to take that club away more along the actual target line. Now from here what I'm going to do is, I'm going to try and keep the club on the outside of my hands and get it pointed directly upward the sky.

Now you can see the difference between the positions here in an upright position and what I would class as my normal playing around here. So it's in a very upright position here, club pointing straight up at the sky. From here I turn my arm upwards, and what I really what to be seeing and feeling to make an upright swing is my left arm to be very very high at the top of my backswing. Now from there what really should happen is you return a pretty much along those same kind of lines. So up nice and high, nice and steep, nice and upright, and then return it down along the same kind of line. And it should produce more of a faded shot. But if you're looking for guidelines on how to increase the amount of uprightness in your swing, that’s a great drill to be using, that’s some great kind of feelings to be using as well.